The Assembly 2013

The kitchen in Sätra wall mountet c-print, 270x320 cm

The Assembly I,II,III and IV

The Assembly I 140x41x37 cm, photo:Per Kristiansen

The Assembly II 131x31x39 cm

The Assembly IV 128x31x24 cm

The Assembly III 140x41x45 cm

Carpets, mixed media on paper, 47x33 + 10,5x9 cm, photo:Per Kristiansen

Doors, mixed media on paper, 66x40 + 14,5x11 cm, photo:Per Kristiansen

Detail of Doors, photo:Per Kristiansen

Installation view

Aluminium mountet c-prints 24x15 cm
The cat decorations on top of the fireplace, White teapot, Desk chair, The pull-out-bed in the small cabin, The rattan chair in the small cabin

C-prints 52x62 cm
The small cabin in Värmland, The room upstair at Fältstigen, The small hous at Vasavägen

The room upstair at Fältstigen

The old doll named Amalia, The first sofa